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Welcome! Alise-Ann Glover is a successful freelance illustrator and fine artist working out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. She is accomplished and confident in a variety of media including acrylic paint, chalk, ink, markers, colored pencil, collage, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
In her personal work Alise loves to explore ideas of gender, sexuality, feminism, young adult life, cats, internet lols, geek culture, alternate lifestyles, consumerism and sarcasm. In each piece she hopes to convey a cynical sense of humor, bluntness and a love for color. She has a passion for telling stories, conveying a message and making the viewer think deep or laugh uncontrollably.
She currently lives in a lovely apartment with her boyfriend and two cats.
Please click the links above to check out her work.
For sketches and progess shots please follow Alise on Instagram.
For auto-biographical comics and ongoing sequential work check out Real Life is Hard.

Private Commissions and Commercial Work slots are currently open. Contact Alise for pricing and other details.

Contact Information
Email; alise@a-aglover.com
Location; The sunny beaches of Toronto Ontario, Canada; please email to request mailing address.
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